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Wexiodisk WD-6 DUPLUS - Ergonomic Passthrough Dishwasher With DUPLUS Rinse Technology

Model Number
W: 600mm D: 657mm H: 1430mm

Product Features
  • Washes up to 50 baskets per hour
  • Only 1 litre per cycle water consumption
  • 45 litre wash tank volume
  • Double final rinse with DUPLUS technology
  • Unique hood designed for steam to escape at the back of
  • machine
  • Simple program selection 3 levels of wash cycle for varying
  • types of soiled product
  • Auto Start function
  • Electronic control panel with event log recording for improved
  • diagnostics and rapid troubleshooting
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Self-draining wash arms for optimum wash results
  • 0.9kW wash pump with 9kW booster heater
  • Includes drying agent/rinse aid injector
  • Break tank with booster pump included
  • Anti-clogging filter at front of machine
  • Fixed basket conveyor designed for improved washing results
  • and cleaning
  • Smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Corner or in-line installation
  • Supplied with 3 high quality dish racks for cups and plates
  • Automatic hood lift
  • Detergent pumps for liquid detergent
  • Drain pump
  • Upgrades and options are available, please contact Moffat